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About Us


Hi, I'm Donna. I'm here to help you learn and create beautiful art in glass. I fell in love with stained glass in high school. I dabbled and worked with it as a hobby through college. After college I found a job in Door County where I learned how to work with fused glass. I worked as a fused glass production artist and instructor for a few years before I moved on to create my own art. Now I am opening my own space with my mom where we can follow our passion and share it with you!

Hello there, I'm Barb. I'm here to help you with all your sewing and quilting needs. I began sewing 25 years ago when my children where young. Now my husband, Tom, and I own a long arm stitching machine and are helping people finish their own masterpiece quilts and assisting with the finishing touches. I am excited to be working with my daughter, and to be able to share our knowledge and passion with you!

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